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An interesting collection of sizes and brands of containers.

This solved the spiralling root problem in small containers.
Several seeds are sown per container. Surplus germination is cut away. When needed extra trays are used to give the seedlings more space (less leaf contact and more light). But now we have new questions.

Above: mid December 2005. The seeds (Pseudobombax grandiflorum, all from same tree), substrate etcetera are equal. Only container size differs between left and right trays. Not enough (space for) roots, water stress or nutrient deficiency?
Below: end of February 2006 same seedlings. Some were transplanted to larger pots, the others were left in the pots that were used to sow them. All were weekly supplied with same liquid fertilizer. The development in the original smaller pots seems to have stopped, the seedlings in larger pots continue.

Interesting work for the next period!