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Explanation of the activities of DevCon BV in Brazil.
Plans are under development to do a small scale (50-500 ha) reforestation project in the 'Serra do Mar', state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (3 hours northeast of Rio de Janeiro). The primary goal is reforestation, but the challenge is to let the project be selfsufficient in the longer term. The project uses existing work and will publish results in an attempt to share examples and experiences with others having similar ideas.

More details: Orientation, The first year, The second year. The third year.

DevCon B.V. had a permanent establishment in Brazil.
CNPJ was: 07.395.425-0001/96

Brazilian address was:
DevCon BV
Caixa Postal 98021
Bom Jardim - Centro, RJ
CEP: 28.660.000