DevCon specializes in Development and Consultancy. Key strengths are deep technical knowledge combined with strategic/business vision and experience.

DevCon focuses on Programming and/or Program Management in large scale networking projects (thousands of hosts) or research projects. Over the years a very broad level of experience was accumulated. Activities range from short term involvement (small advisory development projects based on specialized complex technologies) to long term involvement (managing and coaching a team for several years). The main point of attention is on internetworking and OS level technical programming with specialization on Microsoft technologies.

DevCon provides technical architecture level consultancy in Networks and Systems area. Knowledge comes from hands-on experience and participation in the international standardization process. DevCon offers a unique combination of hands-on knowledge and strategic/business vision. DevCon has a track record in supporting Microsoft migration projects in Fortune 100 companies and architectural support for massive Internetworking applications and rollouts.
Example projects:

DevCon BV activities in Brazil

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